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Twenty seven years in residential construction translates into a reality of beautiful design and quality construction for your home. Krueger Construction of Arlington, Massachusetts provides options for a wide variety and scale of projects. We alter spaces and renovate homes to meet a host of remodel or new construction needs. Our foremost environmental ethic is simply to build structures that endure, both physically and aesthetically, while incorporating and encouraging methods and technologies that are responsive to your budget and that have a proven track record.

Clear communication between contractor and owner is as important to us as design and craftsmanship, thus we focus up-front on pricing and scheduling accuracy so that budget and timing expectations are realistically portrayed. Being well-organized converts to savings for our clients.


Krueger Construction has been devoted to high-quality craftsmanship in renovation and new construction for more than 20 years. We focus on interior and exterior renovation, focus with fine carpentry and home repairs with exterior and interior painting services.  We have also done select commercial work.

We strive for excellence in every project.   We know that our reputation and references are built on providing our customers the highest quality workmanship.  Most of our work comes from word-of-mouth.  Customers are happy with our workmanship and tell their friends.  A list of references is available upon request.

Krueger Construction is properly registered and licensed with Massachusetts State Agencies.  Our Job Supervisors are licensed under the Contractor Supervisor License Program.

When working with Krueger Construction we will ask an owner whether they have an Architect or Designer they are working with.  If not, we are associated with excellent architects and designers to whom we can refer are clients.

Project Management includes:

  • Pre-job Planning
  • Soliciting and collating estimates from subcontractors
  • Preparing and Tracking Budjets
  • Preparing and Tracking Schedules
  • Daily Job Management and Resource Coordination
  • Permitting-Securing Building Permits and Coordination Inspections
  • Material Ordering
  • Punch List- Closing out of Job
  • Warranty Work and Service Calls

Krueger Construction works on a time-and-materials basis which offers a number of benefits.  The client pays only for the services they have received.  This gives the contractor and the customer more flexibility to respond to changes in the project.

As the owner of Krueger Construction I oversee the entire project.  I direct the crews, check on quality, interact with the architect or designer, order materials, schedule and supervise subcontractors, and perform work.

Enjoy the comfort of knowing that you are hiring a locally-owned, licensed and bonded company with a long-standing record of delivering well-crafted and well-executed construction.

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Tom Krueger

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